Cape Verde, a sequence of islands of volcanic origin, arrayed in a half-circle in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, here we fish the Blue Marlin and many other big fishes, yellowtails, tiger sharks, wahoos and tuna fish.
Our team of professional experts is at your disposal for a thrilling and rewarding experience of Big Game, devoted to deep sea fishing fans, but also to the beginner fishermen who would like to improve their technical knowledge.
Our boats are fully equipped with the best fishing and navigation equipment you can find on the market.
Passion and experience: that’s what we can offer you so that you can live the greatest emotions.
Welcome to Cape Verde, the Blue Marlin Paradise.

Martin Bates, our Captain

Captain Marty Bates

Martin Bates Top Release Captain for Blue Marlin in the Atlantic Ocean 2010 Captain and wireman. Marty Bates from New Zealand with extensive "big fish" experience in Hawaii, Australia, Bahamas, Northcarolina, Azores, Ghana, Ascension, Capeverde, Canaries, Croatia, Costa Rica, Panama and New Zealand. Known world wide as one of the best hard working professional fisherman.

La Onda, the Team

Captain Marty Bates

Paolo, Mattia and Tom waiting for you in Cape Verde for exciting fishing and pure fun!!