Daily Reports

Capt.Marty report - 10/04/2017
3 for 4 today,raised 1 more.biggest 550 on the chair pitch 50lb outfit

Capt.Marty Bates report - 08/04/2017
Yesterday 5 for 8 raised 1 more,biggest one 500lb chair pitch.

Capt. Thomas report - 06/04/17
today first blue for OndaEmma. half day fishing

Capt.Marty Bates report - 07/04/2017
Today 1 for 3 ...so far.

Marty Bates report - 06/04/2017

Capt.Olaf-report - 05/07/2016
La Onda Andromeda (Still some days open for next year !)
As usual the day after the fish were a lot bigger for us . Cameron started with a 500-550 pounder on the Andrew Moyes Bushmaster and in the afternoon he fought a solid 800 pounder to the leader wich eate Kaiwi .After 90 minutes with mostly 40 pounds of drag our 12 year old lightweight Cameron was spend and Dad finally brought the fish back to the boat for the release. So five days fishing with 8 quality blue marlin released out of 9 bites from 12 raised and a yellowfin.
In the Bluemarlin Worldcup we started with a doubleheader of wich a small fish fell of imidiately and Antony caught a 400 pounder on the Moyes Bushmaster. We caught another 350 pounder on the Moyes Kaiwi and a 400 pounder on the Bonze Submission but nothing big enough to qualify for the Tournament.
Anthony caught a 350 pound blue on the pitch. We raised anotgher 3 fish one arounnd 500 pounds but no bites of them.

Capt.Marty-report - 01/07/2016
the last 4 days with our kiwi charter was ok fishing caught 3 from 3 and a wahoo ,,becky caught a 700lber and this was her first blue marlin so it was a good one also mikey boy caught a his first blue so a good 4 days fishing

Capt.Olaf-report - 25/06/2016
Katie Lynn caught a 750pound blue marlin today on the Andrew Moyes kaiwi. We missed another 2 fish a 500 and a small one

Capt.Marty-report - 23/06/2016
the last days fishing out of mindelo we went 3for 3 day before yesterday and raised one more and yesterday we went 2 for 2 550 plus on 50 and a 300 lber also!!!

Capt.Marty-report - 16/06/2016
We went two for two yesterday 300 and a 650 plus caught on 50lb test on the pitch..

Capt.Marty-report - 14/06/2016
Last day with our german charter...6 days fishing, traveled to San nicholau the first day...fished four days there. On the fifth day fished our way back to Sao Vicente. The last day/today we fished behind the island. Slow start but had a nice fish, 700 lbs come up to the left teaser and made the switch on 50lb tackle. Tough fight but got the tag and release. Put the spread back out and immediately caught a nice 350 LB blue on the pitch. Total score for 6 days was 17 fish raised, 13 bites and 9 fish released. Doing a one day charter tomorrow and hoping for a few blues to show themselves.

Capt.Olaf-report - 14/06/2016
We went back to Mindelo today and missed a nice fish and raised anotherone in San Pedro. We ended these 6 days fishing with 12 blue marlin caught up to 750 pounds. We raised 32fish...
We missed a doubleheader in the morning and saw nothing else in Sao Nicolao

Capt.Olaf-report - 11/06/2016
We caught 4 out of 4 bites today 2 on the pitch and 2 on the longs. 500,350,300,250. Most of the fish came up on the Moyes Punisher.
We caught 2 out of four today and raised 2 more

Capt.Olaf-report - 09/06/2016
Another good day for Jürgen . We caught 3 out of 5 again and raised 2 more.
After one week of break we went back to Sao Nicolao and we had a great start with Jürgen !
We caught 3 out of 5 bites including a 750 pounder a 400 and a 350. We missed 2 more really nice fish a 500 and one around 800 !

Capt.Marty-report - 06/06/2016
back from saint nicholau released 6 from 10 bites raised 15 biggest was a 650 on 50lb test

Capt.Marty-report - 02/06/2016
Today was a LONG day...half the boats went back to mindelo but the ones that stayed worked hard trying to find the fish. Not so many around today but hopefully that changes tomorrow. We went 2-2 on blue marlin today and had a bite from a white marlin and a tuna knock the swimming bait out of the clip but no hookup. We released a 300 LB and 400 LB. THANKS to Eddy Lawler for coming by to snap a photo for us. This was the 400 LB we released.

Capt.Olaf-report - 31/05/2016
On the last day of Johann and Klaus the fish really liked us !
We went 8 for 8 bites 4 on the pitch and 4 on the longs . We caught 2 doubles and 2 fish were around 400 pounds. That brings us to 17 fish in there 5 days of fishing in Sao Nicolao ! Unfortunately we will only fish on the 8th again... We still have some dates for next season ... Donīt be shy !!!

Capt.Olaf-report - 30/05/2016
Just 1 out of 2 for us today and we raised one more.

Capt.Marty-report - 30/05/2016
Ended a 6 day charter with brothers Bob and Dan today...we raised 42 fish, had 35 bites and caught and released 23 blue marlin. Weights ranging from 250 lbs to 750 lbs. We reached the 100 marlin mark today so it was a great day for us. Great fishing in San nicholau so tomorrow we head back over there and start another 6 day charter!

Capt.Marty-report - 29/05/2016
What an amazing day fishing...,the bite was strong for us today. We went 10-12 and raised two more that didn't switch. Various weights from 250 to 650 pounds. We got 4 on the pitch and 6 on our swimming baits. The last day with our charter dan and bob tomorrow so back to mindelo we go in the morning.

Capt.Olaf-report - 29/05/2016
Another decent day in Sao Nicolao.We didnīt see anything in the morning (they only liked Marty) but the afternoon was ok.
We caught 3 out of 4 bites and raised 2 more.
One was caught on the Moyes J-Boy and the rest on Baits with the help of the Pitchmeister.Very useful fishing gadget.

Capt.Marty-report - 26/05/2016
1 for two today caught a solid 750 near the big rock.......

Capt.Olaf-report - 28/05/2016
We had lots of action today here in Sao Nicolao. We started of fishing lures on the longs and caught one on the RPP by Black Bart and on on the Moyes Kaiwa but missing another 5 so we went to baits on the longs. We caught all the ones that came there but missed 2 more on the pitchbaits and raised 2 more... 4 for 9 and raised 2 more... The biggest one was around 400 pounds.

Capt.Marty-report - 25/05/2016
Back from saint nicholau 8 days fishing,,today the last day of the 8 we didnt see a fish on our way back to mindelo ,,but other wise a great trip good fun caught 20 from 31 bites raised 37 ......back at it tommorrow !

Capt.Olaf-report - 27/05/2016
La Onda Andromeda
The last week we caught 14 blues with Gary ,Jason,Wes and Luke We spend most of the time in San Nicolao where we started very good.Than a few days with lots raisded and fewer caught. Luke 11 years old caught 8 of our fish and did a great job. Great fun with great guys ! See you next time !

Capt.Tom-report - 23/05/2016
after a view slower days in st.nicolao today starts perfect with a triple -one pulled the hook ,one missed the bait - caught one 300 ,after this all day long hooked up singles in a row ,finished the day with 6 out of 9 blues between 150 and 350 pounds .. the 4 days trip to st.nicolao brought in total 9 of 16 blue marlin

Capt.Olaf-report - 19/05/2016
Sao Nicolao has been good fro us the last 3 days !
We caught 3 out of 5 bites today and raised 3 more fish.
We caught 3 for 3 bites today including a 500 pounder and raised 1 more.
Gary ,Wesley, Jason and Luke arrived today and we went to Sao Nicolao. On the way there we pulled the hook on 3 blues on lures and caught 3 and a nice Bigeye on Baits in Sao Nicolao in just 3 hours...

Capt.Olaf-report - 16/05/2016
We finished a very frustrating week of light tackle marlin watching... We had everything that could possibly go wrong going wrong... We raised around 20 blues of wich most of them were not keen on switching to a bait at all. The ones that did either got tailwrapped on 20 pound line , swam throug the line on the bite,got billwrapped or missed the bait and faded away.We caught a rediculess 2 fish and a white marlin only. i feel really sorry for Marc Giraud who put all the efford and money into this trip.I really hope his next trip will be a great success.

Capt.Olaf-report - 11/05/2016
Marc caught another 350 on the 30 and we raised anotherone in Santo Antao.
Dead in in san Nicolao today and on the way back.

Capt.Marty-report - 11/05/2016
Back from a 4 days in santo antoa we caught 9 blues up to 600lbs came back today our charter wasnt feeling good the last few days had a small case of the flu,,, standing buy for info to get back at em in the am!

Capt.Tom-report - 11/05/2016
back from 5 days trip to st.antao with our Russian friends , caught 10 blues , a nice 600 pounder , two 400 , the others between 200-300 pounds ,one white ,raised another 18 fish which did not eat or pulled the hook ,marked some more....a lot of action and fun in fantastic clear and calm waters with a lot of birds ,dolphin ,whales and sea life ,found some floating stuff in the middle of nowhere witch gave us the chance to catch also 9 black jacks in 15 minutes playing round there

Capt.olaf-report - 06/05/2016
We had to go back to Mindelo today because Uli is flying out and there was not much in san Pedro. We raised 1 about 500 pounds but it didnīt switch.
We finally could move to Santo Antao and the fish were still there we caught one and raised 4 more wich we couldnīt get to bite.
stuck in san Pedro because we couldnīt get fuel we raised 2 but no bites...

Capt.Marty-report - 06/05/2016
Just returned back to mindelo from a three and a half day trip to santo antau. Weather was nice and lots of fish around. On May 3rd we went 5-8, super great day for our clients Bill and James.
May 4th was a little slower than the day before but still produced 2-3 and raised two more that didn't bite.
May 5th we went 2-4 and raised one more that didn't switch,
Our last day today we went 2-3, lost a nice one at the back of the back. One day off tomorrow to prepare for our next 9 day charter.

Capt.Olaf-report - 03/05/2016
We caught a doubleheader of small blue marlin today.

Capt.Marty-report - 02/05/2016
yesterday 1for 3 today 1 for 1 on the pitch and missed one on the lure and raised another fish didnt eat !!

Capt.Marty-report - 30/04/2016
2 for 3 today...and raised one more

Capt.Olaf-report - 30/04/2016
We had another great day today thanks to captn. Vlad !
I couldnīt raise a fish until the afternoon except for one tiny thing in the morning wich wouldnīt switch. So Vlad took the weel and it didnīt take an hour before Uli caught the first 400 pounder. The fish kept coming and the second one I pitched and caught the 250 pounder . Uli caught anotherone the same size. Vlad drove on all the fish with no problem and Kleiton wired his first 2 blue marlin. Happy days !!!

Capt.Marty-report - 29/04/2016
Yesterday was the first day of our 9 day charter. Decisions decisions on where to fish...there was a great bite in Sao nicolau and santo antao. We decided to head to sao nicolau to try our luck. Arriving to the island we got a bite on the lure but after a few minutes pulled the hook. Made it to the bank and managed to pitch to one and got the release. Went 1-2 but the water was patchy so we decide to head back to San Pedro the next morning. No fish raised for the crossing but once we arrived in San Pedro the bite came on strong. We had a few fish crash bite the teasers but not switching. We ended up hooking up and releasing a small fish on our swimming bait. Today we went 1-3, raising 4 more that didn't bite. Tomorrow we head back out behind the island looking to settle the score with those marlin.

Capt.Olaf-report - 29/04/2016
We had a great day today !
We caught 3 nice size Blue marlin in flat calm seas. 550 , 500 and 450 pounds ! Much better than the last 2 day s where we raised 2 each but couldnīt get them to switch...

Capt.Marty-report - 26/04/2016
Today was a good day with our English charter...they are only fishing a day and a half so there's pressure to get the three guys a fish each. We went 2-3 today...catching a 300 LB blue for the birthday boy then a 275 LB for the other. Had the third fish hooked on the pitch but after a few minutes he spat the bait. Only fishing a half day tomorrow so we are hoping to produce at least one more fish!

Capt.Olaf-report - 26/04/2016
We caught 2 out of 2 today . Firts Uli caught a 200 pounder and Ingo caught a nice 650 in the afternoon Both fish came on the Moyes XL J-boy. Thank you Marty for the Pictures !!!
Ingo caught a 500 pounder and missed a little one today.

Capt.Olaf-report - 21/04/2016
We caught a little difficult doubleheader today. First Paul hooked a 800 pounder and as a 450 showed up on the Moyes Bushmaster Carl
hooked this one as well.
Both fish went in opposite directions and the 500 ended up dead and got donated to a charity orgarnisation.
we raised another little fish wich didnīt switch.

Capt.Marty-report - 21/04/2016
We are finally back in mindelo after five days of fishing in santo antao, traveling out to the northwest bank for three of those days. Seeing lots of fish and plenty of bites. Today we left santo antao to try our luck in San Pedro where there were plenty of fish seen and caught yesterday. Today we caught zero but the last five days we have seen 31 blues...had 19 contacts and caught 9. We caught 3 wahoo and two small yellowfin tunas. Overall a good trip with our good friends/charter robbie and Wes. Last day fishing with them tomorrow!

Capt.Olaf-report - 19/04/2016
After some days off we are back on the water.
On the first day of the Dawson Brothers we caught a nice 600 pound blue marlin on a trolled bait. Lots of fish today in San Pedro...

Capt.Marty-report - 12/04/2016
Today we went 1-2 and raised a small one while cheering on Olaf Grimkowski, on the andromeda as Michele caught a 600 LB blue marlin. The small fish faded off before getting a bait to it. Not long after we had a huge crash bite on the right teaser, Federico pitched the bait and hooked a beautiful 750 LB fish. After a fantastic battle on 50 LB standup we were a able to release the marlin in great condition. Day off for us tomorrow to prepare the boat for our next 9 day charter

Capt.Olaf-report - 12/04/2016
Capt Olaf Grimkowski and Crew released a 600lb Blue Marlin on La Onda Andromeda. Cape Verde

Capt.Marty-report - 11/04/2016
0 for 2 and raised 1 more the last fish that came on the teaser was decent ....some soild size blues here in cv this season!!!

Capt.Olaf-report - 11/04/2016
We caught a 350 pound blue marlin today and raised a 500 pound fish in the afternoon wich didnīt want the bait.

Capt.Olaf-report - 10/04/2016
We caught a 350 pound blue today wich came up on the Blackbart Breakfast. We raised another fish on the Moyes Punisher wich didnīt switch to the bait.
We raised 2 blues wich didnīt even touch the teasers. One of them we only saw on the dredge cam.
Nada for us but we witnessed a spectacular whale war between a humpback and 20 pilotwhales.

Capt.Marty-report - 09/04/2016
2 for 2 today and raised one more paolo did a great job on the 30lb out fit ...with some drag up to 18lbs ...good fun